No Luck Getting 2017 Coachella Tix? 2018 Tix Could Be Yours If You Eat Some Wonderful Pistachios and Destroy Ernie’s Evidence

Photo Courtesy of Wonderful Pistachios

That’s right folks, dancing all day and night in the Sahara tent is just a few clicks away for you this week! How? Well Wonderful Pistachios recently launched an interactive online game, “Destroy Ernie’s Evidence” featuring its biggest star, Ernie the Elephant.  The pistachio-loving, computer-generated spokes-elephant made his debut last fall in the largest-ever “Get Crackin” campaign.

Gamers can get crackin’ to solve the mystery of Ernie’s night of mischief and find his SD card with embarrassing footage that went missing after partying with the Squirrel Sisters. Must have been a good night. This week and next you have a chance at winning four VIP passes to the 2018 Coachella Music Festival! All you have to do is help Ernie track down ten scandalous pictures the Squirrel Sisters hid all over the park in, “Burn Ernie’s Party Pics.” Maybe Ernie shouldn’t drink anymore? But who cares if 2018 VIP Chella passes are at stake!

Courtesy of Wonderful Pistachios

They are also offering other sweet prizes over the next few months. Check them out below

  • Grand Prize: Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon
  • (2) $10,000 Cash Prize
  • (1) Package of four (4) Coachella VIP Passes for 2018
  • (2) $5,000 Stubhub Credits
  • (2) $5,000 Airbnb Credit
  • (10) Nintendo Switch and Launch Games
  • (1) African Safari for Two

And for those going to Coachella this year, be on the lookout for more 2017 updates here @HouseMuseic. Get Crackin’!


2017 Lineup
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