It’s a School Night LA: Clean Bandit

Photo Cred: Clean Bandit
Photo Cred: Clean Bandit

Back in late September, I attended “It’s a School Night” at Bardot in Hollywood. I love coming to these events. It’s on every Monday night and the shows are free. Yes, free. Well I finally got around to posting the video from the event.

This was the first time seeing them in person for me and they were excellent. Milan Neil Amin-Smith DJed the set with some good mixes and top 40 sounds. Not sure if the other three were there, it was pretty packed and I was already a few vodka tonics in. Milan also plays the violin…sometimes he plays in the water. You’re welcome.

Photo cred: Milan's Tumblr
Photo cred: Milan’s Tumblr

And then Jess Glynne graced us with her vocals for their hit “Rather Be.” I highly recommend checking them out guys! Sorry for the short video, I ran out of space. Oops!

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