Rudimental and Gorgon City Performed Live on Virgin Atlantic’s New 787 Jets


Ok serious jealousy going on over here at House Museic HQ. I wish I was on this London to US  flight to catch Rudimental & Gorgon City’s live set on Virgin Atlantic’s new 787 jet. The two groups have no problem reeling in more than 35,000 people to their shows, but now they can say that they can perform 35,000 feet in the air.

Gorgon City kicked off the party in the sky with a killer mix which you can listen to here:

Mid-Atlantic and Rudimental got the party going, with their array of horns and vocalists. Listen here:

BUT the fun didn’t stop there. Bringing the party to a climax and into US waters, both bands battled it out B2B. Listen to their battle here:

Moral of the story, fly Virgin Atlantic 😉

 For more information, visit the Virgin Atlantic’s blog by clicking this!
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