Livin’ with Steve Aoki

First and Foremost – to my little sour patch kids, it’s been a while! How the heck are ya?

Me… been busy with my real job and my laptop decided to take a crap on me. I could have blogged from my phone, but it just wouldn’t have been the same House Museic experience. Well you guessed it, I saved my pretty pennies and I now have a new computer! #Stoked

Thanks to my friends at OneBeat for motivating me to get back on the blog. They sent me this vid titled, “Livin’ with Steve Aoki.” OneBeat has some sweet web series of  performances and exclusive interviews with the hottest names in EDM! The whole product placement of Trident Gum is a little in your face and not as slick as I would have made it , being a PR person myself, but I did buy a pack to get me through HARD Summer in Los Angeles the other weekend; gotta stay fresh. Mission accomplished for Trident.

Looks like that in this video, Aoki is in my hometown in San Diego at Intervention. If you haven’t been to Intervention at the Hard Rock Hotel, I highly recommend. It’s Cali’s version of Rehab.

You can check out what OneBeat is all about at OneBeat.TV.


-House Museic Blogger

House Museic Blogger

Just a So Cal dude obsessed with electronic dance music, especially House. Here to AMuse the world with another blog. I’m insanely interested in highlighting EDM, artists and events around the world. Open to receiving ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism as I continue on with my blogging adventure. Have something you want me to highlight? Send it my way! I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I love writing it. Muchas Gracias Friends -Steven The House Museic Blogger Muchas Gracias Friends -Steven The House Museic Blogger

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