Jason Derulo Takes on Robin’s “Show Me Love” & Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O”?

In the early 90’s, Robin S. came out with the dance music hit we all love to this day, “Show Me Love.” The song was then remixed by D.J.s Laidback Luke & Steve Angello. Now Jason Derulo has snatched the beat of “Show Me Love” for his new single “Don’t Wanna Go Home.” It’s catchy. It also proves my dad right; that the majority of artists these days can’t come up with original works. BUT the new mash-up doesn’t stop there. Derulo goes back to the late 50’s to incorporate the “Banana Boat Song.” uhhhh? There’s just too much weirdness now. Like I said, it’s catchy, it will grow on me, but Derulo’s song probably could have gone without Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O”. Take a listen below:

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7 thoughts on “Jason Derulo Takes on Robin’s “Show Me Love” & Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O”?

  1. The sad thing is, 99% of people that buy this song will have no idea who Harry Belafonte is. I also agree with your dad.

  2. no, it’s not catchy, it’s a piece of crap mixed with terrible whining (no singing involved at all), and the fact that it’s just a shameless ripoff (both in means of melody and lyrics!!) won’t help either.

  3. Before I know this song I loved jason Derulo… until I discovered that “Don’t wanna go home” was catched from original mixes ! Only for make more and more money and the masse of waste people continue to belive that Jason Derulo is creative !! LOL It’s a joke ????? No originlaity anymore for him? I completly agree with u 😀 This song shows that some artitsts don’t make songs because of their music styles but for earn money ! Congratulation Jason Derulo, you’ve loose one fan (I’ m fortunatly not alone in this case)

  4. Yeah, agree. This song is OK, but the originals by Harry Belafonte and Robin S still are better. Today most artis copy another songs.

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