EDC Los Angeles is Moving to Sin City

I think the biggest news this week, for us EDM junkies, is the recent announcement that the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), started in Los Angeles, will be moving to Las Vegas. Many people describe the festival as the Woodstock of our time. 2010 EDC brought over 185,000 attendees to LA’s Coliseum. Since last year’s event, Insomniac Inc. has been in a fight with the City of Los Angeles due to the death of a 15 year-old girl and other safety issues. From what I’ve read, the girl died by an overdose from an electrolyte imbalance caused by drinking too much cold water at once. In short, she overdosed on water, most likely due to dehydration of the Ecstasy that was found in her body. Just say no to drugs kids! In addition to the minor’s death, the main arena filled up sooner than expected. Once the doors were closed to the main stage, the people that were shut out, and forced to other stages, grew angry and resorted to rushing security and jumping over the fences in mass numbers from the sides. Straight pandemonium folks, it was insane to watch!

I hate to be painting the event in a negative light. The festival is honestly one of the most epic events I’ve ever attended; when stupid people aren’t putting your life at risk (I’m referring to the stampeding of people). It’s great music and some good times to be had with friends.

EDC 2010

When I first heard this news, I was upset to hear Los Angeles had lost the event. However, after thinking about it for a few days, I believe it’s all for the best and EDC can be done a lot bigger in Sin City, my second home :). There are opportunities for a bigger venue, the city is easier to get around than cluster F*&ck downtown Los Angeles, there will be a lot more hotel options for people coming from out of town and hey… who wouldn’t like an excuse to head to Vegas baby!

EDC obviously out-grew itself and the Coliseum. It’s time for it to evolve and claim a new venue for its home. Insomniac has not commented on where exactly EDC 2011 will be in Las Vegas. I’m sure the announcement will come within the next month….perhaps the Las Vegas Motor Speed Way?

If my schedule allows, I have to give EDC Las Vegas a shot! I’m looking forward to attending and covering the festival. If anyone at Insomniac reads my blog, PLEASE BRING BACK DAFT PUNK, thanks & best……

The House Museic Blogger

EDC 2010: All event photos courtesy of Insomniac, Inc.
House Museic Blogger

Just a So Cal dude obsessed with electronic dance music, especially House. Here to AMuse the world with another blog. I’m insanely interested in highlighting EDM, artists and events around the world. Open to receiving ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism as I continue on with my blogging adventure. Have something you want me to highlight? Send it my way! Steven@housemuseic.com. I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I love writing it. Muchas Gracias Friends -Steven The House Museic Blogger Muchas Gracias Friends -Steven The House Museic Blogger

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