Artist Highlight: Diva Dee

Diva Dee: Photo Courtesy of Diva Dee

With lots of glitter and “divaness” comes my artist highlight of the week, DiVa DEE. In my opinion, the electro house dance world is dominated by male DJs, so it’s nice to see a promising talented female DJ enter the scene.

I first discovered Diva Dee on Twitter. Aside from all that glitter and glam, her latest release, “F**k Me on the Dancefloor,” is what caught my attention. Well… hey, the name can catch any guys’ interest. The track is definitely a club hit! This New York-based DJ & artist plans to release more dance tracks in 2011, according to her website.

As we wait for more of Diva Dee, check out F**k Me on the Dancefloor here. You can also follow her on Twitter (@Missdivadee) and if you’re a good boy or girl, she’ll most likely DM you a free download to the song.

-The House Museic Blogger

House Museic Blogger

Just a So Cal dude obsessed with electronic dance music, especially House. Here to AMuse the world with another blog. I’m insanely interested in highlighting EDM, artists and events around the world. Open to receiving ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism as I continue on with my blogging adventure. Have something you want me to highlight? Send it my way! I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I love writing it. Muchas Gracias Friends -Steven The House Museic Blogger Muchas Gracias Friends -Steven The House Museic Blogger

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