Avicii Brings Back Pong, Space Invaders & More in “My Feelings For You”

Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, had huge success with his song “My Feelings For You” in 2010. This video is a lot of fun and it brings back some old school memories of video games I use to play as a kid. Play Avicii’s video and see how many games you can spot. Hint there are nine…

Avicii - Photo from Avicii's Myspace

In case you’re still scratching your head, here are the games; in order of appearance….

1) Pong

2) Frogger

3) Space Invaders

4) Donkey Kong

5) Arkanoid

6) Pacman

7) Tetris

8) Super Mario Brothers

9) Gyruss

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